French language

So you need to pass an exam or want to obtain a certificate? I can help.

My students usually learn two or three times as fast as they used to before we started working together. Classes can be one on one or in groups of max. 4 persons.

You come to me full of energy, head free from fear and I take care of all the learning material. Based on 5 years of experience, I compile each lesson using dozens of books, articles, reportages and original assignments, majority of which are in French.

My approach to teaching:

  • Above all, I don’t believe in following textbooks page by page.
  • We form the programme together.
  • You choose what suits you.
  • I keep presenting you with new subjects, new study material and new solutions.

​​​​Games, fun, quizzes, making up ludicrous dialogues and stories

We’ll write e-mails, texts, and chat messages to each other and we’ll speak on the phone a lot.

My clients always know what proficiency level they are on and what will be our next step.

If you cannot make it to a meeting in Wroclaw, we can meet over Skype, I’m used to teaching my globetrotting students that way.

Our first meeting is free, later you can decide on one of 3 packages – 10, 20 or 30 hours of classes.

We agree upon a fixed day of the week and the time to meet each week or decide on the day and time of our next meeting by the end of each class.

The key to success is to have a clear mind. There’s no time for doubts during a lesson with Kasia. The time always goes by too quickly, filled with only what is useful and interesting.
Kasia cared to learn about my personal interests and adjusted the programme accordingly. By doing so, she made the learning process effective and more satisfying.

Marta, 24, performance artist

Ms. Kasia, an epitome of professionalism and eagerness. An original approach: interesting teaching methods, motivation techniques and a programme tailored to each student’s needs.
I always go to see Ms. Kasia with a big smile on my face and by the end the class I’m smiling even harder, feeling inspired and motivated. 😉

Judyta, 30, designer

Kasia, the most wonderful teacher I could’ve ever hoped for! I always attend the classes eagerly, Kasia’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious! A wide variety of subjects we discuss allows me to expand my vocabulary in pretty much every field. Kasia is a demanding teacher, which is a good thing, because only with a teacher like that you can make any kind of progress. Kasia motivates to grow, always smiling ear to ear. A big plus for insisting on making me speak a lot and helping me break the imaginary barrier I had in my head. 10/10, would recommend!

Diana, 27, attorney

For the last 6 months, I’ve been uncovering the secrets of the French language with Ms. Katarzyna. The classes were always a pleasure. Most importantly, they helped me break the communication barrier with the native French speakers and nowadays I am finally able to use the language confidently in the professional environment. Would wholeheartedly recommend.

Krzysztof, 36, expert on EU matters

The best teacher ever! She has somehow managed to make language learning a pleasant experience for me, not a duty. Very interesting classes, a diverse study material and regular progress checking made me confront and beat the fear of speaking in a foreign language. 😉

Paulina, 28, Life assurance products specialist


I'll gladly dispel any possible doubts.
Remember, our first meeting is free.
After that you pay 70zl/h (French lang.) or 100zl/h (coaching).

    Meetings take place at a location in the city centre, chosen by you.

    phone:+48 886 290 743